NFTs and NFT Marketplace 🖼️
It’s no secret, NFTs are all the rage in the contemporary crypto space. Marketplaces that are well-known are extremely valuable. This is why we chose to include our Highly unique Pyromaniacs release: “Smokeys.” A collection of NFTs featuring Charmeleon from the Pokemon Universe.
10,000 Randomly generated NFTs that are both unique and artistic. These will be given to holders of Campfire or purchased on the marketplace. They can be minted by the user with the push of a button and traded as desired.
50 Rare NFTs: Will be minted, these will be natively structured to be more valuable than the standard issue NFT’s. They are comparable to trading-card games such as Magic or Yugioh.
5 SUPER-RARE NFTs: These will be valued even higher than Rare NFT’s, and be very hard to come across.
2 ULTRA-RARE NFTs: These will be extremely valuable as there will only be 2 issues per release.
Smokeys NFT Market Place will feature a unique trading platform hosted on our website. Here you will be able to buy, sell and trade your smokeys NFTs. Trading, buying and selling will reflect rewards to all holders of the collection. The higher and the more valuable your NFT collection is, the more rewards you will receive in the form of passive income. The entire Campfire ecosystem was built to create multiple layers of passive income; compounding on each other over time.
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