Limited Supply & Mining ⛏️
We will be implementing an ambitious staking, crypto-mining, and yield farming rewards system. Here you will be able to stake your Campfire tokens, and others, to earn rewards on your holdings. You will be able to stake for instance your Campfire into pools to earn interest on your holdings over time.
This system was implemented to provide yet another source of passive revenue for holders. 80% of the supply was burned on launch. However, of the remaining 20 % - 80% must be mined. This means that the supply will be considerably small at first, but will grow and grow over time as it is mined. Users will be able to stake their tokens to claim more tokens in a eco-friendly mining system that does not require powerful graphics cards or expensive algorithim-solving machines like those that are required for intensive Bitcoin Ethereum mining.
We created Campfire to specifically help the Bonfire community. We love our family at Bonfire, and we wanted to create a system that can ACTUALLY benefit them. We are disappointed with the developers' decisions to offer no solution; so we're creating one for holders. Campfire is a limited supply token with many inherent utilities, with a total supply hard-capped at 1 quadrillion. 80% (800 trillion) of the tokens have been initially burned, remaining 200 trillion circulating supply.
‌Unlike Safemoon, Bonfire, and other meme-tokens with total supplies that can be purchased on the market, Campfire is a token designed similarly to BTC, ETH, LTC, etc. Only a small amount of the supply will be initially offered for private & pre-sale. Investors will then be required to mine for the remaining supply.
‌We offer an eco-friendly method to mining our Token. Investors will have the ability to stake either $CAMPFIRE, or any other tokens accepted in our high APR pools & vaults. The total mining process will take ~150 days (or longer) to complete. However, you will still be able to buy and sell the token on the market during that period. This mining system is great as it gives new investors a fair chance just like the early adopters.
Anything here is subject to change without notice and will be effective immediately upon public posting.
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