Buyback and Burn 🔥
Buyback and Burn: Built to be the successor to Bonfire and overtake the likes of Safemoon and Shiba: with features rarely seen in the world of crypto, we are adopting a true Buy Back and Burn system.
This means that a 4% transaction will be attached to all buying and selling, and placed within the contract. The developers can save this Buy-back System and use it to strengthen the liquid backing of the pool. This is a special system because it’s advantages are multi-fold.
Each buy-back purchases tokens and then BURNS them. This results in a double-impact on the price increase, making it a very useful option for when the market cap is less than desirable.
The BNB is placed directly into liquidity, which means it cannot be accessed thereafter. This is necessary to ensure a constant additional increase in the Liquidity pool; raising liquidity over time, creating a more stable pool with the goal of becoming rock-solid over time.
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