Presale Delay
Hello community,
As you may know, we have already announced that we will have a Presale Round. After assessing the current market landscape and discussing it with our advisors and consultants, we have decided to delay the Presale Round by 24 hours. This was done for multiple, but primarily two reasons:
1) Many scammers are impersonating us, wishing to hijack our Presale Round.
There are so many scammers currently impersonating us and attempting to hijack our presale. The fake ones are claiming to have already conducted their Presale Round, and are giving out all kinds of false information and fraudulent links. We will play our cards close to our chest and disrupt their pathetically coordinated plans. We will not give them any room to operate. They are trying to imitate what we are doing, but they are failing miserably. To prevent these scammers from spreading their misinformation, we have decided to delay the Presale Round by 24 hours.
2) To reach new astronomical heights.
We started this project to go big. To go big, we need to start off with a bang. We are postponing the start of the Presale Round by 24 hours, to increase the size of the Presale Round and to reach new heights. This delay will be supplemented with a marketing campaign the likes of which has never been seen before. Our previous marketing efforts will look like child's play compared to what we will be doing. I will be leading this campaign with our global team of seasoned marketing experts, and we will absolutely annihilate any competition or comparison.
It is no coincidence that we are already doing so well, despite being so new to the market. All of this was planned and calculated. Everyone should know by now that we are going to be the next big thing, but to quote one of our advisors;
"The market is to be tested, tested by what it can handle. What does it take for the one to explode? So far, not even the market has been able to handle the force that Baby Bonfire has been generating. The market has no idea what is about to happen. Baby Bonfire is here to rain fire on the crypto space. 🔥"
Our aim is to create a sensation, and it's already working. This is not just hype talk; this is pure reality. You've seen the results, and you've seen the marketing. Do you really think we came here to play?
To repeat, the Presale will be delayed by another 24 hours, and we will host a live video AMA beforehand. New Presale date: September 30th, 12:00 PM EST!
So as I come to the end of this announcement, on behalf of the team, I want to thank you all so much for your ongoing support, and we will continue to keep you informed of any future developments.
Stay Cozy, Baby Bonfire Team
Last modified 10mo ago
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